Artist's Statement

Rather than venturing out into the realm of art shows and galleries too early, I have spent much time looking within myself in an attempt to discover a relationship with the world around me. That search, coupled with my love for the ocean, has led to my most recent body of work, which I call "The Sea Series". This is a very personal interpretation of the marvelous, delicate, and fragile universe that can exist in a single tide pool. I have attempted to make my pieces in this collection as delicate and as fragile as the ocean life that inspired me.

It has been important to research and learn all I can about methods that allow the work to express my vision. I have a real need to stretch the clay and take it to the max. "The Sea Series" is created from stoneware, which is not considered the clay most potters would use for the kind of fragile pieces I produce.

Though I consider myself 'self-taught', I have been fortunate to have people around me that have given me insight into various methods and techniques. Most important among these is my friend and inspiration, Jacquie Pennell-Meredith. Jacquie is an artist, potter, and art instructor. She has helped me with creative enlightenment and exacting technical insights, all of which have lead me to the accomplishment of a body of work I consider the most satisfying effort of my career.


California Artist Linda 'Whitefeather' Spears was born in Sacramento in 1948. She first realized her artistic calling when she was 7 years old, and her thirst for creative expression has been unfaltering ever since.

Linda attended Porterville College for various classes, including Ceramics from 1989-2002. Besides exhibiting her work at the Porterville College Art Gallery, she has exhibited and won an array of ribbons and accolades from The Sequoia Foothill Art Association, The Porterville Art Association, The Tulare County Fair, and California Fine Art at The California State Fair, Feats of Clay - Lincoln ,CA among others.

Linda and her husband John, live in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains Springville, California where they are building a studio and home. She carries on her work as a Painter, a Potter and a Sculptor at her studio in Springville, Ca.